National Athletic and Sports Trainer’s Online Resource Guide
Athletic trainers specialize in the science and practice of athletic training. Along with trainers are a long list of other fields that are related to sports training and sports medicine such as physical therapy, sports medicine and other professionals in the health care industry.

Services and Skills which are provided by Athletic Trainers that have been certified
Along with personal trainers and coaches, sports trainers and athletic trainers are found in a number of different roles which include medical clinics, the military, high schools, pro sports teams and even hospitals. These men and women continually train and refresh their education to meet requirements set by professional organizations across the nation.
Athletic Training services as established by the RDS cover 5 specific areas and those are:

Organizational and pro health
Physical Rehab and Treatment
Emergency Care and Immediate Care
Clinical Diagnosis and Evaluation
Prevention of Illness and Injury

There is also a strict code of ethics that trainers must follow.
The athletic trainer must be able to assess musculoskeletal flexibility, asses cardiovascular, endurance and muscular strength as well as determine postural and body composition. Athletic trainers must also be able to impart information regard FDA regulations, nutrition, and the general education of clients and patients in controlling weight and managing healthy weight.

The Athletic Trainer must also be able to understand medical charts, medical history and be able to conduct a full medical examination. This includes general health observation as well as being able to conduct stress tests and asses vascular and neurological issues.
The Sports Trainer should also be able to perform medical care in an emergency situation. The candidate should possess the skills to treat a number of illnesses and injuries. Shock, allergic reaction, asthma attack, seizure or head trauma are only a few of the scenarios where a sports trainer must be trained to react and act quickly.

The sports trainer should also be able to perform techniques that can restore motion to joints as well as conduct exercises in agility training and other functional exercises to improve endurance, power and speed.

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